About Us



They say "close your eyes and make a wish", we say "now wish with open eyes, share and see them getting fulfilled" !

Makemywishes is a concept which carved itself out from the daunting question we faced whenever the task of gifting was at hand. What would the receiver want? Will he/she like the idea? What should be the right price. What of my budget? Size, fit, color issues and the list went on. Will these be a right gifts for men or women? Wedding after wedding we ended gifting people money and wedding gifts card. Birthday after birthday, festival after festival we struggled with repeat birthday gifts. And through all the struggle, MakeMyWishes was born.

MakeMyWishes is the only social gift registry platform in India which gives a unique opportunity to both the sender n receiver of the gift, a chance of happiness and containment. The receiver is happy to receive what they wished for and the sender is content to having given a meaningful gift, which the receiver will remember.

The idea has been seeded and nurtured by Ms. Anu Gupta and Ms. Sapna Chaudhary, who strongly believe that there lies great happiness in helping someone realize their wishes. They have designed and developed this friendly social gift registry platform where one can now make wishes related to their upcoming life events like Birthday wishes, Anniversary wishes, Diwali, Eid, Rakhi, Baby Shower, Graduations, or just because life is sweet. Share them with their friends and family and get them fulfilled with love.